Another day is dawning,
I jump up the TT way,
The summer sun is shining,
Can’t wait for a brand new day!

Sing it together GOOD MORNING!
Let’s start it the TT way,
Reach up 1, 2, we’re soaring,
Dive into another day!

Let me hear you cheer, cheer,
Skip to the right and left!
I’m so glad to be here, here,
Let’s do some jumping jacks!
We’re flying,
It’s rising!
Fly to the sky,
TT is soaring high!

We’re pumped to the moon, moon,
And loving every second!
Morning through the noon, noon,
With overflowing action!
Heel and toe,
And up we go!
Dance, dance it up,
3, 2, 1, and clap!