A day so action packed,
So full of fun has passed,
So let me ask you now, hey there are you ready?
Our day’s not over yet,
For what comes last is best,
Join in if you’re game for CTB Main Activity!

Games and games everywhere,
Make our spirits soar,
Come with your bunk, settle down,
We’re starting a new round!

We’re all dressed up to play, CTB ’22,
Oh, the games in ‘store’ will shake the floor and ceiling too!
Each turn will blow your mind,
Each twist one of a kind,
Our camp is an award winning crew!

We’re all dressed up to play, the CTB way,
At main activity we play the day away,
With sneakers laced up tight,
So we can aim just right,
And reach the highest score each day!
We’re dressed up to play!