Someday we will all be together,
Ruchoma Liba will be back with us all,
Never will she have to suffer any pain,
For her scars and her wounds will disappear!

Arm in arm we’ll gather to greet her,
So beautiful and whole will be her smile,
Once again she’ll share the beauty of living with Hashem,
B’Meheirah V’Yameinu, the day will come!

Though our hearts are filled with pain,
And our lives won’t be the same,
I know and I believe,
That soon we’ll hear and see,
The long awaited Shofar blow,
A shining light will fill the world,
Ruchoma Liba will join along,
In our everlasting song!

And until we merit that day,
Let’s learn from her special ways,
For she has left a lasting glow,
For us to follow!

B’Meheirah V’Yameinu, the day will come!