A butterfly flapping its wings in the air,
Soaring so gracefully high,
It’s glorious wings, flapping reaching the sky,
It’s colors so vivid and bright.

But there is a reason that she has achieved,
Success; for now she’s flying free,
Not long before she was in a grey cocoon,
Trying so hard to emerge.

Come and let’s see all the toil and work,
That she did invest for so long,
Those days were all spent utilizing her strengths,
And now the bright butterfly soars!
She did her best no she’s tasting success,
Just watch how she rises above,
Continuing higher and growing in every way,
While memories of the past linger on,
Prodding the butterfly on.

Oh, my dear students, you’ve put in the work,
To do your best and succeed,
Your year you have spent utilizing your strength,
While I watched you all fly free,
You’ve learned, and you’ve grown each in her own way,
Each butterfly rises above,
I know you’ll fly higher continue to soar each day,
While memories of 5D live on,
Prodding the butterfly on!