A precious seed is planted in the ground,
After weeks of rain a tiny sprout is found,
A tall strong stem now gracefully grows high,
Splendid petals smile at the sky.

But then a storm so mighty and so strong,
Knocks down the beautiful flower, its stem now torn,
The farmer cries “my flower was in its prime!”
Bemoans its fate the seed’s lost in time!

But unbeknownst to him,
As the stormy winds do howl,
The flower lay on its side and
its seeds begin to scatter!
And as the days do pass,
A garden grows of flowers,
The flower lives on,
Forever and ever!

Although despair and disbelief,
Consumes hope for tomorrow,
True comfort is found,
As a garden grows of flowers,
He envisions a picture,
Of that beautiful flower,
That now lives on,
Forever and ever!

Yisroel was that planted, precious seed,
With splendid petals that gave to all he’d see,
His smile and warmth, his real true happiness,
All stood on a stem toward Hashem!

But then a storm so mighty and so strong,
Picked up that flower to Gan Eden where he belonged,
An aching pain so searing and so deep,
Just breaks our hearts so full of grief.

But unbeknownst to us,
As the wind brought the flower upward,
Its seeds all scattered down,
And now its sweetness still can linger!
So let’s all plant those seeds,
Of Yisroels special legacy,
And send up to him,
A flower filled garden!

Although the tears do fall,
And there’s anguish in our souls,
Just know that our father,
Has replanted Yisroels flower!
And in that beautiful garden,
Standing tall in heaven,
Yisroel’s flourishing,
And growing ever higher!