Yud ches Adar dawns,
A new baby’s born,
And with a precious Tafkid, he is adorned.
Yud ches Iyar, that Tafkid,
Fulfilled, completed.
Double chai is Chaim,
In Gan Eden will live.

Baruch Hatov V’Hametiv,
Proclaimed with true joy.
To thank for the gift of,
A new baby boy.
Baruch Dayan Emes,
Said with the same conviction,
Always trusting Hashem,
True Emunah from within!

Oh, Rochel Leah,
You’re our inspiration!
Accepting all that Hashem sends,
Without a question!
By embracing His will,
And making it as your own,
About you we can say,
“Vayidom Aharon”!

Every moment of life,
Is a treasure from above.
Live in the present,
Take each Nisayon,
Accept it with love!
On all that He sends,
Say “Gam Zo L’Tovah”,
Rochel Leah, you showed the beauty,
Of living with Emunah!

Oh, Rochel Leah,
We want you to know.
That it’s all in your Zechus,
How much we have grown!
You handed us the key,
To a life of serenity,
How to live with Hashem,

To invite Him to our world,
At every moment.
To bask in His presence,
And feel fortunate,
To have such a loving Father,
Who knows and does best for us,
And we’re safe in His hands,
When we trust!

Hashem must be sitting,
In His throne on high,
Seeing the Emunah of His children,
Reach the sky!
And His Bracha will continue,
To shower on those,
Who live their lives as,
“Vayidom Aharon”!