There’s arrows pointing, leading me here,
To Bais Shaindel doors for play this year.
The spirit is climbing,
Oh, how exciting,
Production is coming, buzzing through the air!

Come step up on to our dance floor,
And enter into a sparkling world!
The tickets are selling,
Up to the last seat,
Bais Shaindel together step up to the beat!

Keep pressing those keys,
Step onto versus player,
We are a team here together!
We’ll reach the high score,
Giving it our all,
Upping play to the next level!

So skip down the halls,
See all the smiling girls,
We’re earning points with every action!
Achieve excellence,
In every group you’re in,
Stepping up to a production!

Sing with me, up down!
Now dance with me, right left!
Acting, sewing, scenery,
Step it up, and start playing!