The sound of laughter, song and of fun,
Is shouting out come on everyone!
Zoom into a summer where fun will ever last,
With smiles sparkling in the sun.

The music here is picking up in speed,
So Sparkleriffic get up on your feet.
There’s thrilling action here every day,
Sparkleriffic we are here to stay!


Do your job to its best and you’ll sparkle and shine,
When you fulfill your role, our spirits will climb!
So, dance and cheer now to the beat,
Sparkleriffic is the place for me!

There’s a twinkle in my eye ‘cuz we’re all shining stars,
The volume’s soaring higher when each girl plays her part!
Oh, sense the Ruach in the air,
2-0-1-6 we’re on a “role” this year!