Come along and enter my world,
I’m a talmida, a ne’emas girl,
My days full of learning and song,
See me soar,
As I grow!

It’s because of you, dear Morah of mine,
That I’m learning and striving inside,
It’s your patience and your warmth from within,
Your true love,
And devotion!

Every day, you’re smile’s there,
And I know that you care for me,
As you softly show me the way!
Every limud, every girl,
A sparkling pearl,
That you do shine,
And the glow is mine!

Morah it’s you, I look up to,
As I strive to grow higher,
You’ve secured me as a link in our mesorah,
The way you teach and you connect,
Show’s me how much you invest,
Your Lev and nefesh,
To bring out my best!