Sports and games,
We throw and play,
Never stopping always running!
Each second action packed, no time to waste,
It’s time for a break aha-aha-aha!

Lunch is here,
Give a cheer,
There’s a place here just for you!
At our salad bar the smiles soar,
Dressing up each day with grins galore!

The venders here are serving you, Yum yum!
Salad bar for everyone!

Come come, see all our dressings,
Sit down, fill up your plate with toppings,
We love to service you on each sunny summer day,
Hey CTB, it’s lunch time, we’ll do it the right way!

Cheer cheer, let me hear you louder,
Slow and clear, reading from your bencher,
Our lunchroom is a place where everyone can win,
So grab a bite, rejuvenate, our venders are open!