Welcome to Kayitz town,
The greatest camp all around,
We’re training you in today,
To do the job the Kayitz way!

We hire you, all summer long
To join as friends in our work!
We help and give to everyone,
So sing along, the Kayitz song!

Kayitz, Kayitz, here we go, Kayitz!
We want you part of our crew!
Kayitz, Kayitz, let’s cheer it, Kayitz,
Building with fun me and you!

Kayitz, Kayitz, Here we go Kayitz!
Where I can be anything!
Kayitz, Kaytiz, Let’s cheer it Kayitz!
So proud to be on the team!

We’re hard at work in the summer sun!
Bustling all around, there’s endless fun!
Our spirits high, so everyone,
Give it your all, join as one!