We’ve waited all year,
It’s finally here,
The summer sun is shining down!
Smiling wide,
I’m running inside,
Joining in the pulsing crowd!

Raise your glass and sing together,
It’s a drink come true!
Cuz a summer here will last forever,
With fun for me and you!

Drink it all in CTB,
And cheer now to the beat,
Come unscrew the cap,
And feel the energy!
Savor every sip,
Of each exciting drip,
Cuz this summer is infused,
With flavor just for you!

Drink it all in CTB,
And dance now to the beat,
Our spirits soaring high,
The action’s bubbling!

Each day’s a special thrill,
Refreshing, sweet, and chilled,
Oh I’m so proud to be,
Apart of CTB!