Feeling such excitement,
I step onto the stage,
Swirling to the rhythm,
Gracefully I sway,
Singing to the melody,
A song that warms my heart,
Floating high above,
So thrilled to play my part!

A thunderous applause,
I curtsey and I bow,
The joy is deep inside me,
Sparkling and proud,
Curtains slowly falling,
Lights begin to dim,
The audience is leaving,
There’s emptiness within!

The last beat of the drum,
Is when the show has just begun,
Performing with my heart and soul,
Singing my own song!
The music keeps on fading,
But I never stop the play,
Cuz it’s all for my Father,
For it’s He who guides my way!

For in my reality,
The stage lies in me,
It’s up to me as I perform,
To be all I can be!
I don’t need all the cheering,
All the glitter and the shine,
I perform for my Father,
And the growth is truly mine!