Feel the beat, hear the song,
Pulling me to run along,
Summer’s here, Camp Summer Club!
Turn it up, up up up,
Raise the volume to the top,
Join the circle, Camp Summer Club!

The music blends,
It never ends,
As we all raise our voice as best of friends,
Press the right keys,
Begin to sing,
Let me hear you cheer to summer’s melody!

Keep up with the beat,
Dance now on your feet,
All together!
Include every one,
In our friendship song,
In 2020!
Clap and smile wide,
It’s a musical ride,
All together!
I’m so proud to be,
Part of CSC!

2020 is the year,
Fun and growth are in the air,
As we compose a thrilling catchy tune,
Our shining Middos will create,
Perfect harmony today,
Our fun filled summer song it is

The music blends………………
Chorus: …………

Oh as the sun is shining,
Camp Summer Club is flying,
We’re in the best camp around,
Reaching the highest note,
Playing all summer long,
With spirits up the sky!
In 2020!