Step in and you will see,
Nachlas on a journey,
Oh, I’m so proud to be,
In a school that’s growing!

Hashem created me,
With a Tzelem Elokim,
I know He gave it to,
Each and every single Jew!

Parents, teachers and your friends,
Siblings, neighbors, grandparents,
Show them all your care and respect!

Nachlas, with Middos Hashanah,
Let’s learn and grow even higher,
Each day, filled with respectful speech and actions,

Smile and treat them with Kavod,
Do good and nice things for others,
Join us, in Taf Shin Pey!

NananaNachlas NananaNachlas……Nachlas Bais Yaakov!
NananaNachlas NananaNachlas……Derech Eretz Kadmah LaTorah!