Hey CBB!
Come join our team,
Choose your piece, roll and spin,
The fun is about to begin,
Now it’s your turn,
You’re a star player,
Step on board, we need you,
Let your pride shine through!

The summer sun, Is shining down,
I feel the adrenaline,
Pushing me to aim right and win,
For in this game,
We all just fly, One level to the next,
Scoring high, high, high, high!

CBB join as one, And win another round,
Hey there, no slowing down,
Play it right we love the sound!

You landed in the best square,
Excitement’s everywhere,
The goal of our game,
Is to play the day away!

As friendships form,
We’re moving forward,
Competition on the rise,
Each corner’s bursting with surprise!
Perfect your moves, Rev up your spirit,
The thrilling action never stops,
Give this game all you’ve got!

Chorus 2:
2019’s finally here,
Let’s play it right this year,
Join in, cheer and clap,
We all love Camp Berry Blast!