Surrounded by the empty jewels, the glitter and the shine,
I’m just a young girl all alone, trapped, ensnared inside!
Enclosed within the palace gates, within a gilded cage,
Carrying the burden of my very nation’s fate!

I am Esther a queen of royalty and to live up to my name,
I must conceal my origin; I must conceal my faith!
But I worry do I have the strength to pull through and prevail?
To keep my secret deep inside and to not reveal!

She risked her very life,
Embraced this sacrifice,
Even in the face of adversity!
Achashverosh he did try,
To identify,
But Esther held on tight to her modesty!

Every day so full of fear,
But she did not reveal,
Her tzniyus was her crown, her nobility!
The reward was oh so great,
An entire nation saved,
As Esther held on tight to her modesty!

It was Tzniyus in her speech,
Her quiet dignity,
That served as a salvation for her brothers!
So let’s hold on to Tzniyus in our speech,
To Esther’s dignity,
And watch as the reward goes on forever!