Oh it’s that time of year,
Come close and listen!
Yes play is here,
Let’s all swing right in!
Coming in first place,
Bounce into action,
At our home base,
For a grand production!

The game is starting,
Feel the adrenaline!
Just keep on practicing,
Reaching perfection!
Sense our team spirit,
Cuz that’s our goal!
Ball’s in your court,
So come on give it your all!

Bais Shaindel let’s play!
Step up to the plate,
We’re sure to win the game!
Yes we’re playing,
On high speed,
Strike with every pitch,
Quickening the pace!

Every team will play,
Step up to the plate,
Add so much to the game!
We will sing, dance,
Sew and act!
Catch the happy mood,
And play another round,
Bais Shaindel let’s play!