A devastating flood surges ahead,
Destruction everywhere can’t control its wrath!
Uprooting all in its path, pulling apart lives,
Precious homes lost within its brutal grasp!

Neighbors and friends all engulfed in worry,
Despair overtakes, there’s just nowhere to turn!
Feeling oh so lost and utterly alone,
Oh how to rebuild their broken lives again?

Bereft (and) empty of a home,
Left with nothing to call their own,
Then another opens his door,
Lifts them up with nourishing warmth!

Last week I may not have known your name,
But now I can smile for you’ve eased my pain!
For what you’ve done with a giving heart,
Makes the sun shine and the clouds part!

I’ll try to take a walk in your shoes,
And see what kind of help you may use!
Knowing you care and knowing your there,
Gave me hope that has pulled me through!

(x2)Rejuvenated, comforted, I owe it all to you,
And now I can start to rebuild!

Low 2:
Come around my fireplace, gather in all close,
Stay in my home, till your back in your own!
Have some tea piping hot, feel the warmth throughout,
I’m here to help when you’re in need______________!

Not wasting a moment, spring right into action,
Pots and pans, ingredients, cooking up a storm,
To fill your heart and your soul that’s my only goal,
To give to you, erase your pain, with good I’ll overflow!