There’s news in the air,
That summer is here,
So bring along a friend as we open up our doors!
For you can’t compare,
When we are in pairs,
Cuz when combined we all become shining stars!

So get up and go,
And let us all show,
How CBB’s spirit is about to explode‼
From near and from far,
Wherever you are,
Can’t you feel that magic blend fill your heart?


Camp Berry Blast summer ’18,
The perfect combination,
A special unit formed by you and me!
The summer suns sparkling,
The fun times are singing,
Let me hear you cheer to the blend of harmony!

Hand in hand we’re all together,
United now forever,
I feel it in my heart and soul this year!
It’s bigger and better,
When I am a camper,
In a place that’s filled with laughter everywhere!