Won’t you come and join the climb,
We’re soaring high above,
Together were taking this summer up a notch!
So catch that Sparkleriffic feeling,
Our spirits high,
Oh yes, were flying!

So stand up tall,
Call to one and all,
To join us on cloud nine!
We pump up every day,
Going up, up and away!
Thumbs up for all the rising action,
Sense the uproar and elevation!

The limit is the sky,
So flap your wings and fly,
And watch your dreams taking flight!
We’re aiming for the stars,
So come and be apart,
Dance up a storm to summer’s melody!

For in this sparkling place,
A smile can reach a thousand heights,
Keep up the grinning!
We’re moving up, up, up,
Soar into/step up to fun filled days,
Let me hear you cheer to summer’s melody!