Come let’s take a look,
At a haven oh, so warm!
Step into a place,
Of joy and purity and faith!
You’ll wonder and you’ll think,
Oh, what can it be,
That makes it a home of true serenity?

The answer, my friend,
Lies in you, deep within!
You’re that driving force,
The woman is the building source!
Possessing the strength,
To truly protect,
And build a future home, a Bayis Ne’eman!

As we embark,
Let’s find that spark,
Our inner strength to build our homes!
With roots so pure,
And gates secure,
A true protection,
For generations!

By making boundaries,
And the right choices,
The outside forces,
We suppress!
Ki chizak, birichei sha’arayich,
Beirach bonayich b’kirbeich!